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Dark Forces

Cheats & walkthrough
storm trooper
Simply type these cheat codes ingame for the desired effect.

LAPOSTALall weapons and ammo added
LARANDY weapons super charge; temporary
LAIMLAME invincibility toggle (you can still die by falling)
LAUNLOCK inventory added; keys, ir goggles, ice cleats etc.
LACDS map mode toggle
LAREDLITE pondering toggle; freeze all of your enemies
LANTFH teleport to start point
LAPOGO height check toggle; scale walls in a single bound!
LASKIP force completion of current mission
LADATA display x,y,z coordinates
LABUG insect mode toggle; ?? lets you get up close to walls
LAMAXOUT every added;all weapons and ammo added
LAOZ small enemies
LATERMINATE *rampage mode
LASECBASE warp to mission #1
LATALAY warp to mission #2
LASEWERS warp to mission #3
LATESTBASE warp to mission #4
LAGROMAS warp to mission #5
LADTENTION warp to mission #6
LARAMSHED warp to mission #7
LAROBOTICS warp to mission #8
LANARSHADA warp to mission #9
LAJABSHIP warp to mission #10
LAIMPCITY warp to mission #11
LAFUELSTAT warp to mission #12
LAEXECUTOR warp to mission #13
LAARC warp to mission #14

Dark Forces walkthrough

Note: Because of the complexity of Dark Forces levels this walkthrough will never be complete. It will help you get in, complete your missions, and get out, but it won't help you find supplies or secrets.

If you wonder about the coordinates - you can view your x,y,z coordinates while playing Dark Forces at any time by typing "LADATA".

Prologue Mission I - The Death Star Plans

  • Find and retrieve the Death Star plans.
  • Return to your ship on the roof of the base.
From your starting point, go straight through the large door at the south end of the hall. Outside, you'll see two separate doors, one left and one right.

Enter either, take the elevator up, kill the Imperial Officer (brown uniform) and take the red key. Go back to the starting area and open the red door (0258,1.0,0292).

Take the elevator up, press the switch you'll find on a column, and jump back down to the start area. The switch opened a new area to the right of the start area, so go right, take the circular stairs down, go through the door, go down the next set of circular stairs, through the next door, hang a left at the revolving Death Star hologram, take the corridor down to a largish room.

Press the switch at the east side of the room (0330, -20.0, 0276), turn 180 degree, where you'll see a section of the wall rising, go through it, pick up the Death Star plans, and take the north exit from the room. Take the round elevator up, and wait for your ship to show up. Easy, huh?

Mission II - Talay: Tak Base

  • Find and restart hydro-electric power generator.
  • Find some clues to the Dark Trooper.
  • Return to the landing area.
Until you turn the power on, many doors will not open, and some areas will be in darkness. Since fighting in the dark gives you a tremendous advantage, you may want to mop up as many opponents as you can before turning the power on.

From your starting point, go north, then east. Climb up the blown-up wall and continue east. From the "patio," jump down and cross the bridge to the east.

Exit the bridge building on the right, and continue east to a darkened doorway (0390,2.0,0143). (Combat tip: this room is lousy with opponents, but if you stay in a crouch and keep moving, you can pick them off easily since they won't see you.)

Exit the room at the southeast corner into a hexagonal room, jump out the window to the west, follow the paved pathway west, cross the arm of the generator into the small room, and press the switch (0225,2.0,0023).

Return the way you came to the doorway of the (no longer) darkened room, then proceed northeast to a large paved courtyard. Enter the door at the northwest facet of the courtyard, and press the switch inside (0450,2.0,0290), which swivels a bridge visible through the windows.

Exit the room, then exit the courtyard to the west, and go north to the bridge (0396,2.0,0272).

Cross to the mid-point, press the switch, wait for the bridge to swivel to the north, and cross to the north. Keep moving north to another large paved courtyard, and go through the door (0387,7.0,0649) into the large complex.

Take the north passageway, go up the spiral staircase, and follow the ledge east to the left door. Open the door and take the Dark Trooper weapon (0490,16.0,0706). Return to your landing site.

Mission III Anoat City: The Subterranean Hideout

  • Find the Imperial weapons engineer Moff Rebus.
From your starting point, take the first left, go down the stairs, and through the door into the sewer control area. The panel on the central column opens and closes four sewer grates around the perimeter of the area. Enter the western grate and follow the sewage until the first large fall.

Exit the sewage to the right, take the elevator at the northeast corner of the area (0250,-20.0,0307), and press the switch (0260,-4.0,0340) to raise the sewage level. Take the elevator back down, re-enter the sewage, and let it carry you down & around.

In the large grotto, go west and south, exit through the door at (0090,-66.0,0213), and take the elevator up. You'll find yourself back in the starting area. Go back to the sewer control area, and press the switch again.

Enter the northwest gate, follow the sewage, and exit on your left before going over the first large fall. Press the switch at (0260,-5.0,0320), which raises the sewage. Re-enter the sewage and follow it down to another large grotto, and go through the door at the grotto's north tip (0351,-40.0,0472).

Go through the second door and press the switch, then let the sewage carry you back to the sewer control area. Press the switch again and enter the northeast gate.

Follow the sewage to a roundish chamber, exit on your right, and press the switch (0375,0.0,0299) to lower the sewage and reveal a door on the west side of the roundish chamber.

Follow the circular stairs, go through the door, and press the switch (0317,-4.0,0344) to raise the sewage outside. Return to the roundish chamber and follow the sewage back to the sewer control area. Press the switch 4 times until gate 2 (the northwest gate) is open. Follow the sewage all the way north, then west, and open the gate (0252,-11.0,0428).

Continue west to a series of pillars. Jump to the first pillar (or if you fall, use the switch at 0185,-25.0,0427 to raise yourself back up), and hop across the pillars to the ledge. Follow the ledge west, jump the gap to the south and go through the double doors, then through the "eye" doors, and take the stairs at the south end of the room up to Moff Rebus.

Mission IV The Planet Fest: Imperial Weapons Research Facility

  • Infiltrate the base and find some samples of the metal that they are testing.
  • Return to the landing area.
From your starting point turn left, then go south and west until you reach a narrow bridge (0213,-11.0,0294).

Follow the path as it swings to the north, until you reach the first relative large, open landing (0118,-5.0,0431), turn right, and leap across the chasm to the south.

Stay on this path until you reach an access shaft (-006,1.0,0322). While crouching, follow the tunnels south and east until you reach the facility interior (0051,-38.0,0168). Turn left and press the switch at the west end of the hall (-082,-28.0,0181) and then run east to the temporarily open door.

Take the elevator up, and continue following the path south to another elevator down, then follow as the path swings west. Note the door on the left (-108,-18.0,-026), as you'll have to come back here later.

Stay on the path as it swings north, up some wide stairs, to a rectangular room with a narrow staircase (-262,-5.0,0145).

From the narrow stairs, go northeast through a door with a large red circle on it to a small elevator (-114,6.0,0221). Take the elevator up, get the code key held by the Imperial Officer, and press the switch (-062,39.0,0244) which opens a pair of doors below.

Return to the door you noted earlier (-108,-18.0,-026), go east, and enter the code in the code lock (043,-17.0,-014).

Turn 180 degree and go through the large door and to the top of the spiral stairs (noting the three doors on the way up), where you'll find a control room that looks into a tall circular chamber with a central platform reached by a rotating bridge.

The left switch (-041,44.0,0093) raises/lowers the bridge; the right switch (-041,44.0,0105) swivels it. In turn, you need to align the bridge with each of the three doors you passed on the way up, travel to that room, cross the bridge and press a switch on the central column.

Once all three switches have been pressed, a door will open on the north side of the control room. Bring the bridge back to its initial position and cross to the central platform, where you can pick up the Phrik metal.

The pillar will begin rising and falling; you can exit where you got on, or jump off at the lowest point and exit via a door at the base.

Return to the door with the big red circle on it (-146,5.0,0224), and hang a left and follow the path to the north and east, through the double doors you opened earlier, and into a small room with a switch (-036,0.0,0451).

Press the switch, which opens a segment of the wall outside (you can see it through the windows). Go south and west and exit through the lowered wall. Circle around the tall guard platform and take the elevator (0012,1.0,0451) up. Follow the path all the way down and around to the narrow bridge you crossed earlier, and back to your ship (0369,-11.0,0471).

Mission V Gromas Mines - The Blood Moon

  • Locate the reactor and set the sequencer charge.
  • Get back to the ship.
From your starting point, go west and south until you see the installation. Follow the installation all the way to its eastern end, and enter the elevator.

Go up the stairs (be sure to pick up the fusion cutter at 0258,29.0,0339 - you'll need it!), and east through the door (0219,30.0,0330, past the turbine, through the next door at (0147,30.0,0351).

Keep going west until you get to the far west end of the installation, where there's a pit with a rising/falling central column (-390,29.0,0329).

Ride the column almost to the bottom and jump out into the east tunnel. Leap across the smaller shafts you'll encounter when the columns are at their top position.

Follow the tunnel east, note the door to the south, and continue north, then east and then jump to the blue key (-001,-33.0,0414). Go back to the door (-180,-32.0,0303), through it, follow the tunnel, and jump down when you reach the end.

Follow the tunnel until you reach a ledge overhanging a pit, and jump to the ledge positioned diagonally to the east. Follow the tunnel until you reach another large pit, and drop down (slowly!) to the ledge that hangs just below.

Follow the new tunnel to an elevator that takes you down to the reactor pit. Plant the charge on the reactor (-408,-91.0,0357) and take out the beta Dark Trooper (the fusion cutter you picked up earlier is your best weapon against it).

Once you've killed the Trooper, a hidden door will open beside the entrance (-353,096.0,0331). Ride the elevator up, and press the switch (-379,30.0,0304).

The switch opens of series of 5 blast doors, which open in sequence, but as soon as you start moving towards them, they start to close, so you must wait about 15 seconds after pressing the switch, and then run south towards the far end.

If you don't make it all the way, you'll find switches along the way which will open the path back to the first switch.

Drop down to the north, and enter the tunnel at the northeast of the canyon (-277,0.0,0088). Follow the tunnel back to the area outside the installation, and find the ledge (085,-2.0,0388) along the northern wall of the easternmost canyon. Jump up and follow the path back to your ship.

Mission VI - Imperial Detention Center, Orinackra

  • Find Crix Madine.
Note that two new features are introduced on this level: 1) Certain walls can be blown up with explosives, and are usually recognizable by poorly sealed stress cracks or other damage; 2) the round, red switches can be activated by laser fire - with a couple of individual exceptions, these are the only switches this is true of.

From your starting point, follow the path (it only goes one way) to the switch that summons the floating bridge (0143,128,0002). Ride the bridge across.

As you approach the far side, shoot the switch you see on your left, which will open the main doors for you to enter. Once in the complex, you need to shoot either of the two red switches above and to the north to raise the black platform (0130,130.0,0275) which you must ride up.

But first, you may want to open the wall behind the platform (0114,130.0,0279) and throw a few thermal detonators at the stormtroopers in the courtyard beyond (you have to be there later, anyway).

From the black platform, go left (west) and follow the path until you find a switch (0168,148,0384). Press the switch, which opens a panel that reveals a button in the courtyard below.

Step through the opening in the wall immediately south of the switch, go through the door just to the north, press the button on the wall, press the next button that appears, and ride the lift up.

The two circular structures before you are elevator shafts, which each go to different levels, only meeting at S5.

Take the west elevator (#1) down to level S2 and find the Imperial Officer who has code key 3. The next level elevator #1 goes to is S4, but there's nothing crucial to the mission on this level.

Take elevator #1 to S5. On S5, go through the force field just to the west of the elevator, by waiting until the lights are solid. Then follow the winding path until you reach a window that looks into a white room (0156,-32,0369). Shoot the red switch inside, which opens the door beside you. On exiting the white room, open the first door on the east.

If you have a gas mask, put it on before entering. Pass through the force field at the far end while the lights are solid, and pick up the red key (0356,-32.0,0444). Find the eastern elevator (#2) to the northwest, and take it to S1. To the northwest of the elevator, you'll find two Imperial Officers carrying separate key codes.

None of the rest of this level (a large portion to the east of elevator #2) is of any importance in completing the mission goals.

Take elevator #2 down to S5, then use the switch outside the elevator to send it up to S3. Retrace your steps to elevator #1, and take elevator #1 back up to level 0, then from the outside, send it down to S2. Enter the door just to the west of the elevator and jump down into the maintenance area.

Note the diagram on the south wall, which shows you how to set up the elevators. Enter the door in the north wall and drop down to the roof of elevator #1, then exit through the door on the east side of the shaft, drop down to the connecting tunnel, and exit east twice more.

Continue following the tunnels east and north until you reach the door (0248,70.0,0608) to the trash compactors. Avoiding the central crushing platform, jump onto the north platform, to the south platform, to the next north platform, to the western door (0175,90.0,0621).

Go through the door, follow the path, and trigger the mine to blow up the damaged wall. Go through and exit the cell and follow the corridors to the key code lock (0165,98.0,0593). Enter key code 2. Crix Madine is in the cell just behind the lock.

Mission VII - Ramsees Hed Docking Port, Cal-Seti

  • Place the tracking device in the rear of the smuggler ship.
From your starting point, go west, then south, then east, and use the big platform (-200,-16.0,0793) to get into the complex.

The switch (-224,-40.0,0729) will bring down a segment of the north wall. Find the yellow key in the southwest corner (-287,-40.0,0576) of the next room. Go through the hidden door (-150,-40.0,0627) on the east wall, then south and east.

The switch at (-086,-56.0,0523) shifts a couple of barriers west. A switch at (-057,-56.0,0540) shifts them east partially. A switch at (-051,-56.0,0458 shifts them east more. Taking the platform at (-034,-54.0,0466) up will shift the barriers east the rest of the way.

Make a u-turn over the left barrier and go south, then west to a large elevator. Jump down the other side of the platform, then follow the corridors south and east to a large bay.

Take the large platform at the east end (-136,-40.0,0445) up and then jump to the platform along the south end, which will go up.

Enter any of the three doors. Exit to the west, and note your position, since you'll be coming back this way. Follow the corridor: 2nd left, 3 rights, 1st left, 2nd left, 1st right; to a steel door (-209,8.0,0794).

Go through and down the elevator, follow the corridor southeast, jump into the pit, and get the red key (-211,-16.0,0067). Shoot the switch to get out of the pit and retrace your steps to the white corridors.

Go south and east to the big square door, then follow the corridors all the way south, where you'll find the blue key (-239,11.0,-144). Go all the way back north to the point mentioned earlier.

Enter the cargo area, and continue all the way north. Press the switch (-233,9.0,0594) to open the cargo bay doors.Keep going north and affix the tracker to the big red circled panel (-224,9.0,0944).

Mission VIII - Robotics Construction Facility, Anteevy

  • Infiltrate the facility
  • Set Sequencer Charge 1.
  • Set Sequencer Charge 2.
  • Set Sequencer Charge 3.
  • Return to the landing area.
From your starting point, go northeast and follow the icy river as it swings south. The river will fork very shortly. Follow the right fork. The right fork soon turns south again, but you'll keep going west, following the perimeter of the facility. Eventually you'll come to a large chasm.

The east part of the chasm forms an arrow pointing east. Remember how you got here, since later you'll be retracing your steps from this point to your ship.

Stand at the eastern tip of the arrow and slowly drop down to the ledge below, where you'll find the ice cleats (-340,-10.0,0349). Jump back up, then jump across the chasm at its narrowest point (where it meets the facility wall).

From the chasm, keep following the facility wall, south, and then east, until you see a waterfall on your right. Enter the path behind the waterfall (-036,-2.0,0199) and follow until you see a ledge on your left.

Jump onto the ledge and get the blue key (260,17.0,0222), then jump across to the conveyor belt. Stay on the conveyor belt. Eventually you'll see a switch through a window on your right side: shoot it to open the door ahead of you.

Ride the belt to its end. Hop north to the next conveyor belt, which takes you back east. Beware of the crushing platform as you turn right, which will get you if you don't get through the door quickly enough.

The conveyor belt dead ends here. Jump onto the narrow ledge that runs along the east wall below the belt, and onto the north ledge, then jump across to the three rising platforms. Ride the next belt until you find yourself facing a room full of guards.

Jump into the room and press the switch (-452,13.0,0152), then get back on the belt and ride it to the end. It dead ends in a pool of industrial waste, so crouch and jump into the window on your right.

Pick up the red key (-416,10.0,0273), and pull the switch. Exit through the north door (-410,10.0,0274). Pick up the gas mask at (-37610.0,0306). Press the switch at (-366,10.0,0306), which opens a door at (-371,10.0,0287).

Jump up quickly and go north. Around a corner a switch (-335,10.0,0289) will open a couple of doors at (-301,16.0,0287) and (-300,16.0,0293) that allow access to the fan shaft. Shut off the fan by hitting the switch at (-295,16.0,0287), then go into the fan shaft and drop down between the blades.

You need to set charges at the central column in each of three pits of industrial waste (-128,-44.0,0392), (-128,-44.0,0193), and (-300,-44.0,0293). On setting the third charge, you'll be attacked by a release version Dark Trooper.

Defeating it will open a hidden exit (-215,-40.0,0336). At the end of a short maze, you'll find a switch (-348,-40.0,0309) which opens a door to the chasm where you found the ice cleats. Retrace your steps to the landing site.

Mission IX - Nar Shaddaa, The Vertical City

  • Find Imperial Navigational evidence.
From your starting point, jump down and press the switch (-021,0.0,-110) at the west end of the bay. Crouch and drop down through the hole just to the south of the switch, and pick up the yellow key (-053,-4.0,-112).

Take the elevator up, turn right, drop back into the bay, and open the door (-040,27.0,-087). Follow until you come on a ledge, turn southwest, and jump down.

Go west, round the bend to east, and open the door (-140,12.0,-156). Continue west until the next door (-358,12.0,-172). Make 2 rights and take the circular elevator up. Follow the corridor to a door (-283,36.0,-198), go through, turn left, and jump down to the platform below.

Take the second door (-339,24.0,-189). Go all the way south, jump onto the platform on your right, and head west until you reach a narrow staircase (-484,30.0,-461). Go down, get the blue key (-468,22.0,-390). Retrace your steps east and north to the north door (-370,27.0,-361).

Go through the next door, then go north and west. You'll come to a fork. Keep going north, and then east, and eventually you'll come to a platform over empty space. Cross and get the Imperial Nava Card (-043,24.0,0002).

Mission X - Jabba The Hutt's Ship

  • Get your gear back.
  • Locate the Nava Card.
  • Rescue Jan.
To exit your starting area, you'll have to kill at least one Kell Dragon (bare-handed). A door will open to the east. Run to the east and take cover in the narrow corridor.

Since the Kell Dragons are too large to enter, you can stand by the mouth of the corridor and punch them without taking hits (and you have to kill them all).

Once you've killed all the dragons, press the switch at the south end of the corridor (0474,-48.0,0046), which raises a narrow ledge along the east and west sides of the corridor. Climb the narrow ledges to get to the interior ledge and get the blue key (0472,-36.0,0123).

Go north and open the door (0483,-48.0,0246). Go west, jump across the gap, follow the ledge south, press the switch (0358,-47.0,0171), go through the east door, go through the north door, go west a couple of rooms, press the switch (0320,-47.0,0242), go back east a room, and get your gear (0336,-47.0,0280).

Exit south, go west, then northwest a couple of rooms, press the switch (0248,-46.0,0361), go back a room, and up the stairs. Continue to a large oval room, and take the middle door north. Continue north through several doors and get the red key (0356,-40.0,0468). Return to the oval room and go through the easternmost door.

Continue north, then east through a large arena, then south through a narrow corridor to an elevator (0558,-39.0,0498). Press the switch (0505,-28.0,0516) and run across the bridge to the north.

Turn west at the small arena, and straight through the next arena. Turn south on exiting, and take the elevator (0319,-27.0,0577). Turn left and then continue north.

Jump down the triangular hole at the west end of the room (0363,-44.0,0759), get the yellow key (0381/-38.0/0737), press the switch (0428/-44.0/0754), and ride the elevator back up. Go through the door to the northeast, and continue on this path quite a way, until you find a door (0250,4.0,0347).

Go south and west, and pass through the double doors (0261,4.0,0272). Keep moving east and north through Jabba's Disco Lounge (by now you're probably pretty pissed, so feel free to blow up the decor), to a northern door (0471,5.0,0354).

You'll find the Smuggler's Nava Card (0461/5.0/0375) in the next room. Go south through the Disco Lounge and exit through the southern door (0486,1.0,0129).

Drop into the pit and follow south and around to the northwest. Climb up to the door (0338,0.0,0052) and exit north. Press the switch (0368,0.0,0096) which raises the pit floor. Cross the pit, turn left, and find the stairs down.

Follow this path for quite a ways until it dead ends at two compartments below. Jump to the second compartment. Jump across the gap to the west. Jan is in the second cell (counting from south to north).

Mission XI - Imperial City, Coruscant

  • Locate the I.S.O. building.
  • Crack the main vault. Insert the Nava Card into the decoder and get the decoded data tapes.
  • Meet Jan back at the ship.
From your starting point, go straight south and ride down on the first elevator you see (0724,175.0,0295). Continue south and west to another elevator (0663,141.0,0188) and take it up. Continue south to another elevator (0671,175.0,0051) and take it down.

Cross the (huge) courtyard to the west and find take the western elevator (327,100.0,-047). Go forward, hang a left, and take the next elevator up. Exit south, and exit the next door onto the roof.

Note that you can pass trouble free until one of the roving spotlights hits you. Get the blue key at the southwestern tip of the roof (0302/196.0/-312). Jump across to the other roof and enter the door (0470,196.0,-251). At the bottom of the elevator, continue east, right through the big door.

Turn left for the next door just north of the center of this area (0931,105.0,-207). Go through, take the elevator up, and take the left of the two doors you find.

Press the switch (0325,142.0,-131) several times to extend the low platform to maximum length, then press the other switch (0894,142.0,-130) to open the crawl space.

Jump into the crawl space from the low platform. Follow the tunnel and press the switch at (0813,152.0,-188). Go north to get the red key (0806,143.0,-291), then open the big stone door. Go straight across to the next door, take the elevator up, continue east, take the next elevator down, and exit to the west.

Continue west and take the next elevator up. Turn south and open the door at (0840,194.0,-336). Press the switch (0815,194.0,-384), then go north to the newly available door (0809,194.0,-190). Take the elevator down.

You're now in the infamous Hexagon. The Hexagon is comprised of three sets of concentric hexagons, with a set of switches on the outside ring that control the doors in all three rings. From your starting point in the Hexagon, travel clockwise around the outside ring and press each switch once.

Now, starting with the same first switch, go counter clockwise around the hexagon, pressing each button in the following sequence: #1 twice, #2 twice, #3 twice, #4 once, #5 once. Now follow the corridors to the central core and press the three buttons around the central core to lower the floor of the core.

Exit west and press the button at (0852,44.0,-232) to reveal the button at (0852,44.0,-268). Press the 2nd button to reveal the data terminal (0858,44.0,-249). After Jan finishes speaking, a panel just to the left will open, revealing the tape.

Taking the tape will open a door to the west. Follow the corridor back out to the big courtyard and retrace your steps to your ship. Then you'll have to kill Boba Fett before you can leave.

Mission XII - Imperial Fuel Station

  • Get on board the smuggler ship.
  • Hijack the smuggler ship.
From your starting point, go south through two doors and press the switch (-068,0.0,-051) to raise the elevator. Go southeast, take the circular stairway down, and exit through the door to the north.

Follow the outer ring clockwise for about 60 degree (2:00) and enter the cantina on your left, where you'll find an Imperial Officer with a blue key. Follow the outer ring another 60 degree clockwise (4:00) and enter the curved door at your right.

Take either staircase a full 180 degree and face out onto the central bay. Jump across to the central cylinder, cross the arm to the southwest, press the switch (-136,16.0,-480), and run backwards onto the arm, which will swivel around to the northeast.

Repeat with the next switch (-021,16.0,-316), which will bring the arm around to the northwest. Go either way around the circle to the northwest and press the switch (-284,16.0,-243) to bring down the elevator.

Inside, press the switch to raise the elevator, then follow the passage southeast and up, take either door, and follow the path to the control center.

Press the main control panel (-190,74.0,-319) once, then go back down to the big bay. Jump from the central column back to the southeast column (or drop down and take the stairs or elevator back up), re-enter the outer ring, and continue another 180 degree clockwise (10:00).

Enter the door on your right, go up the stairs, follow up to the elevator, and press the switch (-360,17.0,-209) to lower the elevator.

Continue going northwest until you find the Imperial Officer with the yellow key (about -615,0.0,-024). Then go southwest until you find a low door (-557,3.0,-143), go inside, and press the switch (-580,-3.0,-140).

Mission XIII - The Executor

  • Reach the cargo bay safely.
  • Activate the cargo shuttle system.
  • Jump into the cargo ship and ride to the Arc Hammer
From your starting point, exit west through the same door you last entered in mission 12. Go northwest and take the stairs (-850,-31.0,0226) down. Go east and press the switch at (-784,-55.0,0241) to lower the platform.

Go south and press the first switch you come to (-769,-55.0,0119) to lower the platform. Go west and press the next switch (-917,-55.0,0119) to lower the platform.

Press the switch just around the corner and ride the platform up. Follow the path around to a large bay and press the switch at (-1114,-32.0,0146) to raise the door above, then step onto the lowered platform and just press the activate key to raise it. Continue north to the Tie Fighter bay.

Take the east elevator up, turn south, and take the next elevator up. Continue moving east, and take the elevator at (-812,65.0,0161) up. Jump across the five cylindrical platforms: n->s->n->s->n; and then across to the doorway.

Keep moving east, until you meet the Dark Troopers. Once you've beaten them, continue east to the cargo shuttle bay.

Press the button on the northeast wall (-242,92.0,0151), go east, repeat with button (-172,92.0,0153), go east, repeat with button (-098,92.0,0116) and right next to it press button (-099,92.0,0111), then go south, down, and north to enter your stolen ship.

Mission XIV - The Arc Hammer

  • Set Sequencer Charge 1.
  • Set Sequencer Charge 2.
  • Set Sequencer Charge 3.
  • Get to the shuttle bay and escape with an Imperial Shuttle.
From your starting point, exit west through the same door you last entered in mission 13. Go north, then swing around to west and south, and take the elevator (-012,121.0,0186) down.

Go south, west and north, and press the switch at (-166,90.0,0138). Take the elevator back up and cross the newly raised platform (-046,122.0,0246) to the west.

Continue south and west. Kill the Dark Troopers and drop down into the bay, and continue south. Go east and press the button at (-331,101.0,0085) which opens the door with the big red circle, then go back west a bit and jump across the gap to the open door.

Follow the path to an elevator (-173,97.0,-079) and take it up. Go all the way west and press the switch at the top of the stairs (-467,126.0,0024) which raises the stairs up to the next level.

Go south and east into the darkened area, then jump across the gap to the north. Behind you on a southern pillar is a switch, which you can only activate by jumping to (and falling), and then going back up the stairs again (I'm not sure if this switch is important though).

Follow the ledge and then jump the next gap to the east, using the even narrower ledge to cross over.

Continue north until you reach a low passage (-417,128.0,0281). Follow the tunnels to a machinery room. Shoot the switch hidden behind the southwestern most piston, then set the first sequencer charge (-440,100.0,0157).

Take the elevator in the northeast corner of the room up, and follow the tunnels back out, to where the red door you passed earlier is open.

Press the switch (-357,128.0,0285) to take the elevator down. Follow the passage until you reach the oscillating platforms, and ride the platforms west.

Go north: either by running against the conveyor belt (the trick is to run/jump when all the way to the far end, but crouch in mid air to get through the exit); or by dropping down, taking the elevator up, and crossing to the northeast.

Set sequencer charge 2 (-464,64.0,0638), and then cross back to the southeast, ride the conveyor belt, jump across to the west side, and go through the newly opened western door.

Follow the path and press the switch (-519,64.0,0367) to take the elevator down. Go west and north to the conveyor belt (-563,0.0,0385). Ride the belt (be sure to duck under the low ceiling). At the end, turn around and get on the next belt.

Shoot the round, red switch to open the upcoming closed door. Go through the door to the north, follow the path south to the next door, then east to the next belt.

Watch out for the obstacles: 1) a fork (take the right); 2) a low bridge (jump over it); 3) another fork (go left); 4) & 5) low bridges (jump over); 6) low ceiling (duck); 7) another fork (go left); 8) low ceiling (duck).

Cross over to the last conveyor belt (get ready to duck). At the end, press the switch (-535,48.0,0054) to stop the conveyor belt.

Jump down and go south and east to a control room with five red buttons. Starting with the leftmost button, press each button x times: 1) 4x; 2) 1x; 3) 4x; 4) 3x; 5) 5x.

Go back west to the darkened tunnel, go north to the elevator (-551, 16.0,046), take it up, and go south through the newly opened door. Go south to another machinery room, and shoot the switch hidden behind the southeastern most piston (-484/64.0/-239).

Plant the third sequencer charge (-458/64.0/-225). Go south and press the switch (-529/64.0/-271) to take the elevator down. Go south and west, and get ready to get killed!

Your final battle takes place here, so get to know this cargo bay well. If you fall down to the lower level, there's an elevator on the north side (-679,-95.0,-323) that take you back up.

Once you've defeated the very last Dark Trooper (and you'll know him when you see him), the door to the northeast hanger bay will open. Enter and follow the path to find your Imperial Shuttle.

Congratulations - you finished Dark Forces for the Macintosh! :-)

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