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Inherit the Earth

Complete walkthrough
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After you see the great intro, exit the tent. Go around the village, ask any questions you want, it doesn't matter. The only thing you must do is go to the money changers tent and sell your silver medal to him.

To find his tent, simply leave the tent you start the game in and travel NW, stay on the road, it's on the left hand side. After your sale, exit the tent and continue along the road until you exit the fair.

Travel to the sanctuary. Open the gates and make your way towards the back. All doors to houses are locked so don't bother. Open the gate in the back and you will see the temple.

Enter the temple and speak to Elera, give her your word of honor. She will tell you that she needs a symbol from the Forest King.

Leave the sanctuary and travel to the Forest. You will be graunted an audience with the King, explain to him your problem and he will give you the golden apple.

Travel to the Ferret village. It's hard to describe where the buildings are, but it's not a big town, you will be able to find everything. Find the general store, it's right across from the Glassmaster's shop. Enter in and purchase a bag of plaster. Travel back to the sanctuary and visit Elera again.

Give her the apple, and she will go and unlock a previously off-limits section of the sanctuary for you. Exit from the temple and travel along the west end of the sanctuary until you see the open door.

Go through and follow the path to the left until it ends by the water fountain. There will be two mini-gardens in front of you, and in the one furthest from you there is a bucket.

Take the bucket and fill it up in the fountain, then head to the NW corner of the sanctuary section. Pick up the sourberries, mix the water and the plaster, and pour the mixed plaster into the footprint. Take the plaster cast.

Travel to the Boar King's castle. Talk to the sentry, trick them into opening the gate. Follow the path to the throne room, and agree to go in the mud to talk to the King. After your discussion you leave and notice the wolf's head ring hidden in the mud caught in your fur.

Travel to the Rat Caves. Talk to the doorkeeper, ask him any questions, then ask to see the leader. Choose to confuse him, and Eeah and Okk pull the Abbott and Costello routine on him, and you are allowed to go to the tunnels.

Follow the passage NE, then SE, and NE again, through the rings and make a right at the fork. Keep SE, then NE, and cross the book room, through the rings, travel NE and stay on that path up through the 2 rings and past a book case until you reach the end.

Make a right and go through the door, where you will encounter the game's only copy protection. (PS thanks to the Gecko of Nexus.) After answering the question, cross the screen and exit to the right.

Travel SW to the candles and then go SE past a bookcase, then SW, NW past three bookcases (don't turn) till you get to the end of the corridor to Sist's room.

Talk to Sist, when he asks for clues to aid you you show him what you have. He will inform you that the footprints belong to a raccoon. Trace your steps back out of the caves.

Travel to the house of Tycho Northpaw. Ask him questions, then get him to agree to trade a map for repairing of his lightcatcher lens. Travel to the Ferret village and show the broken lens to the glassmaster.

Agree to meet him for a session with the Orb of Hand at the lodge, and go there. Talk to Sakka. The Ferrets make you take a test before you may speak to the orb. It is a puzzle, here is the solution:

solution to inherit the earth riddle

This diagram is not perfect, but it should be enough to solve the puzzle with no problem.

After the puzzle, they bring out the Orb. After speaking with it, you realize that it needs more data to know how to construct a new lens. Sakka suggest you consult the rats because they keep the best record.

Go to the rat caves again and make your way to Sist's room. He will give you the information that you need about the lens and telescope.

Approaching mid-game

Return to the Ferret village. The unit will give instructions, and a new lens is made, however, it must be polished with red clay, and the only place to get that is the Boar King's mud bath.

Go to the castle, fool the stupid guards again, get some red clay, and return the the Ferret village. Give the clay the the glassmaster. Now you have a new shiny lens. Take it and go to Northpaw's house, complete the bargain and take your map of the Unknown Lands.

Now you are able to travel beyond known lands, and the map may be used as a guide, however, it is a map of only a small part of the unknown lands, so you will have to explore on your own later.

As you leave the house, you are greeted by one of Elara's servants, who has a letter for Elara's sister if you happen to run into her.

Travel up towards the unknown lands until you reach the dog castle. Agree to tell the Prince a few stories as toll.

Unfortunately, the Prince has heard them all already and locks you in his dungeon. Pick up the bowl and bang it against the bars so that the jailer comes out. Ask him for food and a spoon, and he obliges.

Use the spoon with the bowl to eat the dog food, it makes you stronger. Use the spoon with the loose stone and remove some of the mortar. Pick up the loose stone and it will reveal a tunnel. Use the tunnel, and crawl to the right until you fall down into the dragon maze.

Save the game here, if you get caught by a lizard you will come out of the water in a different place and my solve will be useless.

When you finish climbing the wall, head NW under the rings and onto the grey bridge, make a right and turn the corner, now moving SE. Before the next grey bridge, make a left and go NE, then SE, then make another left and cross the next grey bridge.

Make a left and go SE, around the corner (do not cross grey bridge) and make a left, continuing NW. Follow that path until you come to the rotten bridge, and cross it. Make a right and travel NE. When you see the four path intersection continue straight and then cross left over the bridge. Now head SW and follow the path until you reach the exit.

You cannot yet rescue your friends, so exit south. Using your map as a guide, make your way to the tents. You make peace with the Chieftess, and spend the night.

You learn about the condition of her daughter, and vow to try to save her. Leave and go to the forest clearing just up a bit, and meet Kylas Honeyfoot. Trade him your wolf crest ring for a needle and thread.

Again useing your map as a guide, go to the house to the north. This is Elara's sister's house. She refuses to open the door at first, try putting the letter under the door and then in the peephole twice until she opens up. Elara's sister will tell you what you need for a remedy, catnip and honey.

Leave her house, and walk north to the mountain stream. Here you will find Catnip. Then travel down, past the house, past the closest forest clearing, NW over the bridge and up between the forest edges to the oak tree. Bees and honey are there, but you cannot yet get them. Pick up the dry twigs and arrange them like a fire would be made.

Exit, go back down all he way and cross the bridge, head east. Go up when you see the lake and cross bridge. Continue east to the quarry. Grab the flint chip, this is needed for the fire. Travel back to the oak tree, and use the flint chip with the spoon to start a fire. Get some honey.

Now you have both ingredients, return to Elara's sister. Give her the goods and she makes you a remedy. Now return to the chieftess' hut and give her the remedy, she will be saved.

The chieftess will pay you back but organizing an attack to drug all the food in the dog castle, knocking them all out. Go to the dog castle again, and enter inside.

This is the HARDEST part of the game. Save the game, because if you make a wrong turn you will be lost.

From right inside the castle: N, L, R, N, N, R, N, L, N and you will be in a fancy room. You come out the left doorway, exit through the right.

From room: L, N, R, R, N, N, L, L, R and you will be in the prince's chambers. From when you just enter, walk right over two planks of wood, then all the way straight up to the dresser, then right to the bed and down around and take the jail key. Leave the prince's room.

From prince's room: L, R, R, N, N, L, L, N, R and you will again be in the fancy room. Exit to the left doorway.

From room: L, R, N, N, R, L and you will enter a room of dogs playing cards. Cross the screen and exit to the right. From outside the room with the dogs go L, L, R, R, N and you will be at the jail. Unlock the door and free your friends. Now to get out.

From the jail: N, L, L, R, R, L, L, N, L, L, R, N.

You're out and reunited, now exit to the south to the path. Return to the quarry and take the rope. Enter inside and type three times to pick up the fragment of green rock, on the third try Okk does it easily.

Leave the quarry and search several forest clearings until you find Honeyfoot again. Trade him the green crystal for the wolf head ring. Travel back to where the oak tree was and head NW up to the gorge.

Eeah jumps across, now use the rope and Rif and Okk climb across. Once across, travel NW to the dock and talk to the old wolf. Give him the wolf ring and he will take you across, and provide you with information.

On the other side, travel to the waterfall and talk to Shiala. Leave and go north to the dam. You will be captured by wolves and taken to their camp, where you get visited by the raccoon you are searching for. What an idiot!

The next morning Shiala comes to rescue you. Exit the cage and the room to outside, then enter the hut on the left of the screen, grab the trophy, and leave the camp.

From the camp, head west, then travel all the way down and around to the ancient ruins. Enter the second building on the left and grab the cable.

Leave the ruins, and travel all the way back up past the camp and head east to the seaside cliff. Use the cable to lower Rif and get the metallic card.

The end-game

Return to the dock and talk to Honeyfoot, trade him the trophy for the lamp. Go back to the ruins and open the third building on the left as much as you can, then use the oil lamp to grease the door, which can then be fully opened.

Inside, take the screwdriver and exit. Travel towards the exit of the ruins, when you come to the fence before the exit travel SE all the way down until you see a door. Open it and go inside. Use the metallic card in the slot and enter the maze.

This is another hard part of the game. There ought to be an easier solution, however this one works. If you have an easier one, please write me!

From the beginning of the maze: N, L, R, L, R, N, R, N, R, R and you will be right outside a computer room. Go in and take the strange triangular device. Exit the room and go south back into the maze.

From just outside the computer room: N, N, R, N, R, N, N, R, L, R, N, R, N, R, L, N, R, N, R, N, N, R, L, R, N, R, N, R, N, N, N, N, N. Whew, finally out - the annoying part is over! Exit the building and the ruins.

Return to the dam. Follow the path up to the top of the hill. Use the screwdriver to open the door of the white building. Inside, pick up the clock, open it, take out the battery and put it in the triangular device. Exit off the cliff and go to the waterfall.

At the waterfall, walk behind the water and through the passage to Shiala's home. Talk to Shiala. Place the strange triangular device in the iron hatch, amazing, it opens up.

Go through the hatch and walk north. Aparantly you are inside part of the dam. Walk right across the screen (skip the ladder).

Then climb the ladder in the next screen, then go up another level. Cross to the right and take the stairs to the raccoon's quarters. Take the ladder up to the next room and walk towards the raccoon. Sit back and watch the ending!

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