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Complete walkthrough
jinxter artwork
Note: This is a solution for Jinxter as spoiler-free as possible for you to enjoy the game. -Bolkonskij
  • Look ticket, wait 3x, then show the ticket to the inspector

  • Wait 2x, press button, wait 4x, then leave the bus

  • Get the keyring, wait 2x, read the document, open gate, go north.

  • Unlock the door with iron key and open the door, go north, then northwest. Get the case, look under the bed and get the sock. Next open the wardrobe and get the shoes.

  • Now turn north, get the opener, open the fridge and get the bottle of milk. Close the fridge and head east.

  • Get the tablecloth and go south. Get the telephone here before you turn north again.

  • Unlock the door with the iron key and open it, get the secateurs and the gloves, and go north first, then east second.

  • Are you a matador? :-) show the tablecloth to the bull, then drop the tablecloth and run south. Wear the gloves, hold the wires and cut the wire with the secateurs.

  • Move twice east now, get the bottle. Go Southeast and then south to get the mouse trap and can.

  • Now return by going north and then northwest. From here move south, unlock the door with the rusty key and open it.

  • Head southwest now, then open the trapdoor. Go west, get the candle and matchbox and go south, southwest and south.

  • Listen to magpie here. Wear the spectacles and go north, northeast, north, east and down.

  • Get the cheese and wear the shoes. Go up and put the cheese on the mouse trap (really a no-brainer, isn't it?). Don't forget to set the trap, then drop the trap.

  • Go west, then south. Now dial 300. After that, go north and east. Wait, then open the box and get match and close box.

  • Light a match and light the candle with the match. Warm the plastic key with the candle, do it again, then go northeast.

  • Unlock mailbox with plastic key, get the parcel, open the parcel and get letter and charm.

  • Read the letter, then go north, northwest, west, south, south and west.

  • Open the fridge and put the plastic bottle in it. Now close the fridge and wait approx. 20 times (until you get the 10 points).

  • The bottle is frozen now, so open the fridge, look in it and get the bottle back out.

  • Open the box and get a match, then close the box. Light the match and light the candle with a match.

  • You know what's coming, don't you? Warm the ice with the candle. Drop the water and put oil in the plastic bottle. Then dorp the letter and parcel and ticket.

  • Shouldn't we go and check for our mouse trap? Let's head east, north, north, east, southeast, south and southwest. If you're a careful reader, you should have arrived at our trap :-)

  • Look at the trap and get the mouse. Then head back northeast, north, southeast and south.

  • Look into the boat and get the bung, oil runners with oil. Open the door and go south. Get the sack and look into it. Put walrus charm in sack, put bung in sock, sock in the hole and the canoe in the lagoon.

  • Enter canoe and get paddle. Go south, and south again. Leave the canoe, go down and open the can with the opener. Empty the can on dirt, move the dirt.

  • Go east and east again. Time for some swimming :-) drop all, drop trousers, shirt, shoes and gloves too. Wear the suit and the mask and the flippers. Get the aqualung.

  • Now go west, west again, up and north. Wear the aqualong now, then go down, northwest and north. open the hatch and go down. Close the hatch and press the left button before you turn the wheel.

  • Open the door next, then go east and down. Get the coin here and open the door. Then go up and west. Press the right button, then move east, down, east. Wait 3x here before you go up and get the charm.

  • Head down, west, up and west again. Open the hatch, then go up, south, southeast, up, south, down and east. Phew.

  • Drop the aqualung now, as well as the suit, mask and flippers. Go east and wear your trousers, shirt, gloves and shoes again.

  • Get all the stuff, then go west, west and up. Enter the canoe again and put the unicorn charm into the sack. Make your way north, then southwest before you leave the canoe.

  • Drop paddle and secateurs, we won't need them anymore. Go south, then northwest and ask for a job. After that go down and east and open the flour sack.

  • Sieve the flour with the sieve. Get the tiny charm and go west.

  • Look at the table. Get the baking tin and drop the tiny charm in it. Open the oven and drop the baking tin in it. Close the oven.

  • Press the button, then press it again. Open the oven and get the baking tin. Get the bread and drop the baking tin.

  • Move up and give the bread to the baker. He'll throw it out onto the street where you get the bread and break it, then get the pelican carm (aha!). Next open the door and go northeast.

  • Show the mouse to the mistress and she'll run off. Now for opening the safe do the following: Turn the bottom right handle. Then the top right handle. Turn the bottom right handle two more times (no mistake!). Finally, turn the top left handle and the game tells you about a clicking sound.

  • Open the safe, get the charm and open the door. Next head southwest, southeast. Oojimy the pub's hearth, get the ash, go north and down.

  • Pick up the coin, go up and south. Then northwest and southwest. Doofer the engine, doofer the unicorn and drop all.

  • Get the ladder and opener, knock the door, throw the opener at the lamp and go southwest and east.

  • Lean the latter to the girder now. Then go west, northeast and get all. Continue southwest and cast the oojimy spell on the fire. Try "cast spell on fire".

  • Get the stool, go east and drop the stool. Get the charms, put the case into the sack and climb the stool and the ladder.

  • Jump north, hold onto the rain weatherman is on this side, hold to rain weatherman, cast doodah spell on rain weatherman and the oojimy spell on the cloud.

  • Southwest, southwest, east and get stool. Go west, northeast, northeast and drop the can and mouse and plastic bottle.

  • Now put the sack on the stool, get the saddle and put it on the stool, climb the cloud, doofer the cloud and go east.

  • Buy a ticket with the two ferg coin and go east twice. Show your ticket to the inspector, then wait and wait until he kicks you out.

  • Put the saddle on the unicorn, climb the unicorn, doofer the unicorn and fly to the castle. Go down and east, then drop the shoes.

  • Head north, east and down, then open the door. Go north and wake xam, drink the milk and put the candle in the bottle (of milk).

  • Next tie the rope to the manacles, open the box to get a match, light it and light the candle with the match. Drop the bottle under the rope and go north.

  • Wait here, then walk north, up and northeast finally. Open the door, then go east and east. Solve the riddle by typing: Slide 5, Slide 8, Slide 1, Slide 6, Slide 7, Slide 2, Slide 9, Slide 5, Slide 3, Slide 4.

  • Take the bracelet. Put the charms on the bracelet. Very close to end game now!

  • Go west and west now, then twice southwest and twice northwest up the tower. Open the left door and go north to get the crystal ball from the table. Be quick, the witch will go after you! Head south and down twice, then turn southeast.

  • Push the ash on the hearth in the hall here. Go up the chimney and look at the ball, it shows you the future. Wait in the chimney until she looks at the fireplace, doofer the ball, when she reaches out put the bracelet on the claw. Congrats!

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