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Journey: The Quest Begins

Complete walkthrough
Journey contains 3 random elements: The color of the residue left by spells. The cave numbers assigned to the runes in the magic mill and the name of a character. Keep an eye out for these. Otherwise just type in the directions & commands below.


  • Background. Start. Get advice. Enter.
  • Examine Map. Reply. Buy Map. Exit.
  • Proceed. Enter. Look around. Examine customers. Buy drinks (twice).
  • Exit. Accept. Proceed.

Visiting the Hermit

  • Get advice. Scout. Right. Scout. Examine bodies (Esher & Praxix). Proceed.
  • Scout. Follow smoke. Examine hut. Knock. Tell truth. Examine hermit. Look around. Exit.

The coming storm

  • Tell legend of wizards. Magic (note color of residue left by elevation spell)
  • Examine bag (Praxix)
  • Examine lake. Proceed. Examine Stream (Esher). Get advice.
  • Find gold (twice). Cast Elevation at Tag

Minar's Disappearance

  • Get advice. Enter lake. Dive. Scout. Proceed.
  • Enter cave. Cast glow on staff. Proceed.
  • Examine pool. Get advice. Enter pool. Leave Tube. Hide. Examine Minar.

The blue Amulet

  • Wide path. Left. Pick up torch. Back. Right. Examine blue amulet.
  • Pick up blue amulet. Proceed. Pick up cover. Drop blue amulet.
  • Junction. Smelly pool. Dive. Pick up blue amulet. Surface.
  • Back. Back to Cave. Tell legend of nymphs.

The river

  • Proceed. Scout. Upstream (2x). Build raft.
  • Launch raft. Cross (4x)

Sunset mountain

  • Scout. Cast glow on map. Examine Map.

Caves of the dwarves

  • Scout. Look around. Get help. Tell legend of dwarves. Gates and Reth A-Zar.
  • Enter. Proceed. Stand (2x). Parley. Tell truth. Accept.
  • Tell story of gates, caverns, orcs and elves. Proceed.
  • Tell story of sun towers. Tell legend of elves and bern I-Lan. Proceed.

The runes

  • Examine runes (Hurth). Enter. Scout. Left (or right). Cast Flare.
  • Cast elevation (on anyone). Scout. Right. Get advice. Examine orcs.
  • Fight. Flank (anyone). Cast mud. Combat (3x). Return. Examine brown amulet.

Terror at the end of the road

  • Proceed (3x). Back. Cast Tremor.

The sun towers

  • Up. Left. Get advice. Cast elevation (on anyone).
  • Cast wind (again note the color of the residue and combination of essences in the spell!)
  • Leave (anyone). Up. Look around. Pick up spyglass. Down. Right. Exit.

Forest of the Elves (Bergon)

  • Get advice. Split up. Proceed. Examine trees. Return.

The forest (Praxix)

  • Proceed. Examine stump. save. Cast lightning. (note combination of essences).
  • Restore. Cast Tremor. Down. Back.

The forest and the fire

  • Praxis route. Down. Proceed. Examine walls. (Praxis & Esher).
  • Proceed. Left or right (4x). Up. Elf home. Get advice.
  • Examine fire and elves. Follow elves. Examine Fire and elves. Cast rain.

Back to the Caves

  • Scout. Get advice. North route. Enter. Confront.
  • Tell story of Agrith and cedrith. Get advice. Down. (2x)
  • This level. Scout. Get advice.

Around the orcs

  • Around orcs. Right. Examine runes (Praxix). Speak. "Lorem". Left. Back.

Past the orcs

  • Past orcs. Cast tremor. Cast elevation (on himself).
  • Proceed. Scout. Proceed. Cast Tremor. Combat (2x)

Healing Bergon

  • Examine Bergon. Mix reagent with water essence. Use mix on Bergon. Proceed.

The mines

  • Scout. Enter. Tunnel. Scout. Left. Scout. Old Mine. Examine walls (Praxix).
  • Get advice. Back. New mine. Enter cleft. Examine walls. (Hurth). Back.
  • Enter cleft. Examine walls (Praxix). Examine miner (Esher). Examine miners sack (Hurth).
  • Ask miner about orcs (2x) and mine. Pick up red rock. Back (2x).

The tomb

  • Up. right. Crude path. Get advice. Examine Crack. Down. Hurth.
  • Jump. Look around. Climb up. Examine key. Back. Ornate Path. Examine door.
  • Open door. Examine vault and runes (Hurth). Mix reagent with fire essence.
  • Use mix on vault. Examine coffin. Examine white stone. Back (2x)

The ancient forest

  • Proceed. (3x). Cast flare (note residue color and combination of essences)
  • Scout. Proceed.

The magic mill (Praxix)

  • Ask tree about paths and location. Examine talking tree. Milky way.
  • Examine mechanism. Cast glow on staff. down. left. down. up. proceed (3x)
  • Back (3x). Examine device. save.

Teleporting the pick axe

This puzzle is random. You're trying to teleport the pick-axe in the 2nd cave counting away from the control room into the first cave. The first dial means from, the second means to. There are six caves and six runes in all, but you only have access to three. The runes can go clockwise or anti-clockwise.

  • Left dial set to (position). Right dial set to (position)
  • Push button. Wait. (when you've successfully teleported the pick-axe, you'll see a glint through the control window in the first case.
  • Back to pits. Down. Pick up pick-axe. Mine rock. Control room. Save. (teleport from cave one to cave three)
  • left dial set to (position). right dial set to (position). Push button.
  • Back to pits. down. follow light.

The ruins

  • Examine water and bridge. Cross. Proceed. Tower.
  • Accept. Tell story about castle. Down. Examine stones. Mix reagent with fire essence.
  • Use mix on stones. Back. Countryard. Moat. Swim. Courtyard. Cast rain.

Huths toxix allergies

  • Proceed. Examine Hurth. (Esher)

Captured by orcs

  • Proceed. Free him. Get advice. Follow orcs.
  • Get advice. Scout. Inventory. Use red rock. Run for it.

The demon

  • Proceed. Examine shadow (Hurth). Hide.
  • Mix air essence with water essence. Proceed.

Umber and the Mudwargs

  • Stay. Ask Umber about Mudwargs. Get advice. Examine Umbers sack.
  • Mix black reagent with fire. Use mix on staff. Leave.

Zan's curio shop

  • Scout. Examine emporium and curio shop. Look around. Reply. Examine grey stone.
  • Buy grey stone. Trade spyglass. Proceed.

Zan's tavern

  • Tavern. Order meal. Examine other table. Get advice. Cast invisibility.
  • Eavesdrop (2x, note the name of the drunk which is different each game). Exit.


  • Wharf. Yes. (give name of the drunk mentioned in tavern).
  • Get advice. Zephyr. Tell truth. Accept.


  • Inn. Check in. Accept. Exit Camp out.

In jail

  • Examine cell. Escape. Call sheriff. Mix grey reagent with fire essence.
  • Cast Tremor. Examine sheriff. Use mix on sheriff.

On the ship

  • Scout. Examine twin isles (Esher). Examine sky and crew (Praxix). Relax.
  • Climb mast. Examine boat (Esher). Cast elevation tag. Cast wind.

Misty isle

  • Examine Praxix. Pick up Praxix's pouch. Save.
  • Now use the colors from the residue left with certain spells that you noted previously and the combination of essences used each time.
  • Figure out the correct combination of colors and the process of elimination to figure out coarse and fine: Lightning equals water essence plus fire essence and a pinch of earth essence.
  • Mix (Essence) with (Essence). Add pinch of (essence). cast mixture.

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