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No Greater Glory

Tips & hints
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  • Building a good cabinet is crucial. Don't prefer one party over the other. If you can't balance it out in the cabinet, make the other side envoys to keep them at bay.

  • The same goes for regions. If a region feels not representated enough, it's loyalty will go down.

  • War and Treasury are the most important positions. Put your best man there!

  • If a minister or envoy causes trouble, don't get rid of him. Just switch positions with someone else more or less unimportant.

  • Do not raise troops in Kentucky. It will make the state switch to the other side.

  • Try to keep investment into supplies and infrastructure at 100% if possible. (easier said than done for the CSA)

  • Make sure to keep your generals happy by giving them command over big enough armies according to their prestige level. (prestige 1 being the highest!)

  • As the Union, never try to coerce France or England. It will make them intervene on behalf of the CSA.

  • As the Union, don't free the slave from turn 1 on or you'll rapidly lose support in the west.

  • As the CSA, copy Lee's strategy of taking the battle to the Yankee homes. Might seem like suicide but otherwise you'll get steamrolled by the Yankee industrial power in year 2 etc.

  • As the CSA, when picking your capitol, Richmond or Atlanta are the best choices.

  • As the CSA, try to invoke rebel sentiment in the Northwest to keep the Union busy.

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