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Tips & hints
screenshot of oxyd level
  • Adjust the tracking speed for the mouse. If set too fast, the marble tends to get out of control. If it is set too slow, levels requiring fast reactions may be impossible to play.

  • When encountering quicksand or swamp remember that speedy is the key! If the marble stands still or moves slowly, it will sink.

  • In Oxyd the sounds can be actively helpful; for example, hearing a gate open although you may not be able to see it, or the warning sound of a creaking floorboard.

  • Avoid Level 10! Level 10 is the first meditation landscape and in itself is fairly easy. However, its main function is to set ALL your password numbers for levels 11-100. Therefore if you play it again without the Timed Game on, it will change all the password numbers for levels that you have already solved from Level 11 onwards and you will no longer be able to access them. So do not play Level 10 without the Timed Game on.

    As an insurance policy, copy the file named Oxyd Preferences from the Preferences folder in your System folder to somewhere safe. This file contains the codes that generate the password numbers. If the worst happens just copy the original Oxyd preferences file back again.

Tips on levels

Level 1
An easy landscape to get you started. Work from the sides as much as possible. Try to avoid triggering the rotor and don't fall in the swamp.

Level 2
Another easy one.Tip: the laser can destroy blocks.

Level 3
Your introduction to movable mirrors. There is a pattern to the positions of the mirror. Beware of the chasm.

Level 4
Introduces umbrellas and mouse reversal. Use the first umbrella to collect more for future flights. Hint: the ceiling isn't solid.

Level 5
The first sighting of porthole blocks and flashing lights. The gates are opened by porthole blocks and/or switches. Hint: the floor isn't solid.

Level 6
Bombs and dynamite! A lot of the objects are irrelevant, if not downright dangerous. Avoid switching the laser on. Hint: you only really need two explosions, around the inaccessible oxyd.

Level 7
This time the porthole blocks and lights will produce bridges. Take a bit of time to work out which block covers which light. It isn't always as obvious as it seems. Hint: don't get trapped in the top left corner. Make sure you move the two blocks in the right order.

Level 8
This level isn't as difficult as it first appears ? don't panic! Don't try to control the marble on the path, otherwise you will fall off. Hint: as soon as you've passed the 2 arrows, top and bottom, have a coffee break. This will allow you to survey the scene and should stop you falling in the water.

Level 9
The most difficult landscape so far. You will need to destroy all the bomb tokens but make sure you can still move around to activate the oxyds. You will have to cross the rotten floorboards twice so take care. Hint: the order in which you do things is important. Take out the bomb token in the top right first.

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