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Quest for Glory

Tips & FAQ
evil baba yaga from Quest for Glory
Tips on playing as a Fighter
Practice with the Weapons Master and work in the stable daily. Fight monsters at every opportunity. Buy Healing Potions and stamina potions. Use them. Sleep in the Magic Meadow (Erana's Peace).

Tips on playing as a Magic User
As a Magic User, your goal is to obtain all the spells as soon as possible and practice them whenever practical. You can avoid close combat with tough monsters by casting the Calm Spell at them and then running away.

If you don't have the Calm Spell, you can find it under the rock in Erana's Peace. After defeating any bad character, rest for several minutes to re-coup your Health and Stamina.

Give me some tips on playing as a Thief
It is very important to read the section on "THE THIEF" in your Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School manual. You must think "sneaky". Explore the town at night, try to pick all locks. Avoid powerful monsters - prey on the weak. Practice dagger throwing at the archery range or in the Thieves Guild. Buy a Thief Tool Kit at the Thieves Guild.

Best allocation of points as a Fighter?
A Fighter is always testing his strength and courage against the world, and is everyone's favorite adventurer! Add 15 points to Strength. Add 10 points to Vitality. Add 15 points to Agility. Add 10 points to Weapon use.

Best allocation of points as a Magic User?
Ah, so you've decided to play as the intellectual adventurer! Add 5 points to Strength. Add 15 points to Agility. Add 5 points to Magic. Add 10 points to Intelligence. Add 15 points to Vitality.

Best allocation of points as a Thief?
The Thief lives by his wits, travels by night, and sneaks by or runs away from monsters. Add 10 points to Strength. Add 10 points to Vitality. Add 10 points to Weapon Use. Add 10 points to Agility. Add 10 points to Luck.

How can I learn all of the Magic Spells?
You can buy the FLAME DART spell, the FETCH spell, and the OPEN spell at the Magic Shop. You can obtain the TRIGGER spell from the Hermit, the DAZZLE spell from Erasmus, the CALM spell in the Magic Meadow, and the DETECT MAGIC spell from the Meeps. If you are a Magic User character from the start you will have ZAP. Other character types cannot obtain ZAP.

What's the matter with the Brigands ?
Everyone in Spielburg seems to be worried about the Brigands, and they certainly are dangerous! Each time you meet somebody, ask about the Brigands, the Brigand Leader, and the Brigand Warlock. There is a lot to be uncovered... But, there is more going on here, and a deeper plot.

I don't have enough money to buy the Undead Unguent, or anything else.
You may work in the stables, sell Spell Components to the Healer, defeat Goblins and Brigands in combat and search their bodies for coins. You can defeat the Ogre and the Kobold and take their treasure. Completing heroic quests will also net you a nice reward.

I have difficulty entering/leaving rooms or buildings.
Make sure you are NOT in HIGH SPEED HERO mode. Select NORMAL SPEED HERO. High Speed Hero is intended for outdoors only.

The Town of Spielburg

A beggar is asking me for money. What should I do?
Have a heart, begging is his only source of income. Give him some money. Ask the beggar about night.

What can I do at the Guild Hall?
Read the Log Book and the Quest Board. Wolfgang knows a lot. Ask him about the Baron's son, the Baron's daughter, Yorick, Monsters, Brigands, Baba Yaga, and the Curse.

What can I do at the Hero's Tale Inn?
Ask Shameen about the merchant, robbery, wealth, and food. You can order some food from Shema. The Inn is also a good place to sleep at night. The merchant comes in around suppertime. Ask him about robbery, the brigand leader, minotaur, his name, and Shapeir.

The poor merchant is down on his luck, have a heart - buy him a meal or give him a ration. The merchant will be a big help to you at the end of the game.

What can I do at the Magic Shop?
Ask Zara about the town, the valley, aura, Erasmus, Erana, Baba Yaga, the curse, magic, potions, spells, and scrolls. If you have magic skills, you can buy scrolls here.

What can I do at the old lady's house or Sheriff's home?
Ignore those locations, unless you are able to pick locks. If you are a thief, steal. Don't overdo it though. It is a good idea to save your game before entering.

What do I ask the Sheriff and Otto?
Ask Sheriff about brigands, Otto, merchant, and monsters. You can ask about heroes too, but the best thing to do here is check out Otto's yo-yo action. Have you seen him do the cat's cradle? How does he do that?

What should I buy at the Dry Goods store?
The Storekeeper is engrossed with that book, but ask him about equipment anyway. You can buy empty flasks (find something to put in them) and food rations in case you get hungry later. If you are playing as a Thief, you can buy daggers. If you are playing as a Fighter and are strong enough, you can buy chainmail armor.

What should I buy at the Farmer's Mart?
You will need to buy 50 apples from Hilde to bargain with Brauggi. Ask Hilde about Brigands.

What should I do in the alley?
Give the beggar some money and ask him about night. Never enter the alley at night, unless you are a Thief. As a Thief you may meet other thieves. Let them know you are a thief by making the thief sign. To make the thief sign, click your lockpick on the thief.

What should I do in the Tavern?
Don't drink with those patrons!! You can enter the Thieves Guild from the Tavern, but you must know the password. The thieves in the alley know the password.

Where is the Thieves Guild?
The entrance to the Thieves Guild is through the Tavern, but you must know the password. Crusher is the one you should talk to.

Who's this Bruno character hanging out at the town gate?
Consider his character... he actually SELLS information. Everything he says is suspect, but ask him about Baba Yaga anyway, and pay him the silver and gold he demands.

Baba Yaga's Hut, The Brigand's Fortress

Baba Yaga keeps turning me into a Frog!
Wise up! Answer YES to all her questions, and get her the Mandrake Root. Be sure to deliver it before dawn.

How can I get into the hut with the chicken legs?
Ask the central skull about "the deal". Then ask it about "the rhyme". Then give it the glowing gem. Remember the rhyme.

How do I get past the Minotaur and the gate?
As a Fighter, you must be tough. Fight the Minotaur and force the gate. As a Thief, sneak behind the Minotaur on the left side of the Fortress, then climb the wall behind the rock. Once inside, go around the barrier to the left and go across the right bridge. Approach the center of the last barricade area and "Step over the rope." As a Magic User, cast the CALM spell on the Minotaur, and the OPEN spell on the gate.

How do I get through the Brigand's cafeteria?
As you enter the dining hall shut the door behind you. Block the door with a chair. Next, go to the door in the right-hand wall. Be careful that the brigand guards are no longer looking through the window, then block the door. The timing of the next sequence is tricky.

Walk over to the candelabra and wait for the brigand guards to enter the room. When they walk around the back side of the table, use the Hand cursor to push the candelabra. Wait until the lead brigand moves around the front corner of the table then walk around to the front right-corner of the table and use the Hand cursor to climb onto the table.

Use the Hand cursor on the rope suspended over the table to safely swing to the left-hand side of the room. Finally, use the Hand cursor to open the door on the north wall.

How do I get through the distortion room?
Ask about Yorick. Stop, read the sign. At the dangling rope PULL THE ROPE. At the next door open it. Open the left hand door to the north (the upside down door). Move quickly out of the way as it begins to shake. The door will fall. Open the next door and go through.

What do I do in the Brigand Leader's room?
When confronted by the Brigand Leader USE the DISPELL POTION. After Elsa leaves, go to the desk and get the mirror. Get the Healing potions. Exit the room behind the treasure chest on the east wall.

Where is the secret passage to the Brigand's Fortress?
If you have rescued the Baronet and received your reward you will find a note on the floor under a bar stool in the Tavern in the morning. It will tell you of a secret meeting near the old target outside of town. Spy on Brutus and Bruno at high noon. Get the key from Brutus. The entrance to the lair is near the Bouncer that Hops, (the Antwerp). Search the rocks for the keyhole, then use the key. Say the secret word HIDEN GOSEKE and you're in!

Castle Spielburg

How do I get in to see the Baron?
The Baron Stefan von Speilburg is Lord of Spielburg Valley. He angered Baba Yaga when he ordered her to leave Spielburg. She cursed him and he soon lost his daughter then his son. Now the Baron will not leave his castle nor see any visitors. You must find out what happened to his son and rescue him if you wish to enter the castle.

I need some information about Karl, the Gatekeeper.
Go to him with all of your questions. You can ask him almost anything and Karl knows it all! To enter the castle click the hand cursor on the gate. Karl will open it for you.

I need some information about the Stableman.
He's a low-looking lout, but he pays a fair wage for a days work and will offer a safe place to sleep for the night. You can build some muscles with that rake.

I need some information about the Weapons Master.
If you are a Fighter, it is very important to practice daily with the Weapon's Master to improve your fighting skills and build your strength.

Helpful Creatures, The Dispell Potion

How do I get the Spore Spitting Spirea Seed?
This puzzle is not a test for novices. You can get the seed in one of three ways: by using your climbing, throwing, or spell casting skills. Therefore, you need to increase your skill level in one of these areas. The only way to do this is to practice often.

When your throwing skills are near perfect, you can knock the seed down by throwing rocks at it. With expert climbing skills, you can climb the rocks and catch the seed. And with enough magic experience, you can cast the fetch or open spell to get the seed. Just keep working on your skills and keep trying. Eventually you'll get it.

How do I locate the Dryad?
Follow the White Stag until he leads you to the Dryad, Keeper of the Woods. She will trade her Magic Acorn for the Spore Spitting Spirea Seed. She knows of a DISPELL potion to disenchant people with spells upon them - VERY important.

I need some information about the Dispell Potion.
The Dryad and the Healer will aid you in making the DISPELL potion to break enchantments. You can pick FLOWERS in the Magic Meadow, the Meeps will give you GREEN FUR, you can get FAIRY DUST at night near the magic mushrooms, FLYING WATER can be obtained at the waterfall near Spiegelsea, and the Dryad will give you a MAGIC ACORN after you give the Spore Spitting Spirea Seed to her.

I would like some information about the White Stag.
Follow the White Stag, he will lead you to the Dryad.

I'm at the Snow Forest. What do I do with Brauggi?
Bargain with Brauggi. He told you he was hungry. Give him 50 apples and he'll give you a glowing gem.

I've seen the Meep's Peep. What do I do there?
You want some green fur from the Meeps. It's one of the ingredients you need to make the dispel potion. Find the green furred Meep and talk to him. Ask him for some green fur and he'll give you some. If you have magic skills and you ask at just the right time you can also receive the DETECT MAGIC spell.

What do I do once I find the Hermit?
The Hermit will offer you a safe place to sleep for the night and a round of cribbage. Ask the Hermit about the Brigand Warlock, magic, Erasmus, the magic mirror, the REFLECT spell, and the TRIGGER spell (he'd also be very happy if you asked him about all of his family).

What do I do with the Fox?
Show some kindness, free the fox.

Where is the Hermit?
The Hermit lives next to the waterfall. If you have throwing skills, you can gather some rocks near the waterfall and throw them at the door until the Hermit opens up. If you have climbing skills, just climb up to his door. If you have magic skills, cast the DETECT MAGIC spell.

Magicians And Magic

How can I find the Fairy Dust? What do I do with the Fairies?
Go to the mushroom ring at night to find the Fairies. Ask about the Fairy Dust, then, go ahead, Dance with them! You must have an empty flask to carry the dust.

How do I get past the Gargoyle?
The questions CAN be tough! Here it is a matter of using your SAVE and RESTORE options. Each time the gargoyle asks a question that you KNOW the answer to - SAVE your game before answering. If you get zapped back down to the bottom of the mountain, simply RESTORE.

He also has one trick question. When he asks for the secret password to the Thieves Guild, don't give him the right answer - he doesn't want any thieves in there. You only have to answer three questions correctly. Did you guess that Erasmus' favorite color was purple and therefore so is yours?...

If he asks you "What is the meaning of life?" dig out your copy of The Hitchhikers Guide or multiply 7 times 6. If he asks you for the mean airspeed of an unladen swallow, ask him whether it is an African or a European swallow. If asked your name, you MUST type in your name EXACTLY the same as you originally gave it when you named your character.

I can't find the Mandrake root, or when I do it dissolves!
You will find the Mandrake root in the graveyard. It must be picked around midnight. The root is on the centermost grave. Be sure to use the Undead Unguent before entering the graveyard at night. If you do not pick the root at midnight it will vanish and regrow after 3 days.

I keep getting killed at the Graveyard. Help!
You must use the UNDEAD UNGUENT before entering the graveyard at night. Don't fall in any open graves. The Unguent will only work once and for a limited amount of time.

Tell me about Erasmus.
Erasmus is a wizard and can teach you about magic. If you already know some magic, Erasmus will invite you to play the Mages Maze game. If you beat him, he'll teach you a new spell called "DAZZLE". Don't worry if it takes you a few tries to beat him, it's good practice. Ask Erasmus about Erana, the Protection spell, Baba Yaga, curses, countercurses, and most importantly, about the magic mirror.

What can I do at the Magic Meadow?
Travel due north to find Erana's Peace. Eat the magic fruit to appease your hunger. The flowers exude a perfume that heals, bring a bouquet to the healer. Healing occurs when you sleep in this Magic Meadow. As a Magic User, you will regain your magic points and health points by sleeping here. Cast an OPEN spell upon the stone to reveal a spell of CALM.

What can I do with the Magic Mushrooms?
You can pick the magic mushrooms during the day, then sell them to the Healer. For an interesting graphics demonstration you might try eating the magic mushrooms.

Who is Fenrus anyway?
Haven't you been listening? Why, he is the second half of Erasmus' comedy team. Don't tell me you didn't like the jokes!?!

Q&A on Monsters

How can I defeat the Troll?
If you say the secret password before entering the cave he won't harass you (unless you are foolish enough to go through the passage leading to the den).

How do I get past the Bear in the cave?
Try feeding him or casting the Calm spell. You may then go past into the cave. For an inside joke, try talking to the bear a couple of times.

How do I get past the Ogre near the cave?
That Ogre is tough... and BIGGGGG! You MUST get past the ogre to get into the cave!!! As a Fighter, you need to build up your Strength, Agility, and Weapons Use skills before attempting to take him on. Try fighting some wimpier monsters, then come back later. As a Thief, you can keep throwing daggers at him until he is weak, then fight him. As a Magic User, cast the CALM spell. Once you have defeated him, search his body, he has your typical Ogre's treasure chest. Force the chest to find a treasure.

How do I get the Kobold's treasure?
You must search the room to find the invisible chest. As a fighter, force the chest open. As a Thief, you will have to pick the lock. As a Magic User, stand back, then cast the OPEN spell. The treasure is YOURS!!

I can't enter the Goblin's den.
There is no need to do so. The entrance is too small for you.

I keep dying from all sorts of Monster attacks. What should I do?
Save the game whenever you encounter a monster. Once you are in the combat screen you will not be able to save. If you are wounded, drink a Healing potion before entering combat. Low stamina will affect your speed of attack as well as start subtracting from your health points. Use a Vigor potion before entering combat. Even as a Fighter, not all monsters can be fought and defeated the first time around.

If you are a Fighter, try building up your character statistics. If you are a Thief you should throw daggers before you get into close combat. Don't throw your last dagger away or you will be defenseless. Try to sneak past more powerful monsters or run away. If you are a Magic User you can cast the Calm Spell on them until you have gained skill with Dazzle, Flame Dart, and Zap.

I keep dying from Night Gaunt attacks. What should I do?
Don't sleep in the forest! The Hero's Tale Inn is safe for a weary traveler. You can also sleep at the Magic Meadow protected by Erana's Peace, the Dryad's Wood, the stables at the castle, or with the Hermit.

The Brigands keep attacking. What should I do?
If you are a Fighter, fight the Brigands! Count it as an opportunity to build up your skills and beef up your muscles. Don't forget to search your opponents body after defeating him. If you are a Thief you can always run. If you are a Magic User, cast a spell at them.

The Goblins keep attacking. What should I do?
If you are a Fighter, the Goblins are easy - go ahead and fight them to build up your Strength and Weapon Use skills before taking on something really scary. Don't forget to search your opponent's body after you kill it. If you are a Thief you can throw daggers or run. If you are a Magic User, cast a spell at them.

What do I do with the Antwerp?
Just avoid the Antwerp.

What do I do with the Kobold's Key?
Use the key to unlock the chain on the bear's leg.

What should I do inside the Kobold cave?
The Kobold has a key hanging around his neck and you need it. As a Fighter, use your sword to kill the Kobold to get the key. Use the Hand cursor to pick up the key from the rock on the right-hand side of the cave. As a Thief, sneak in at night to steal the key. As a Magic User, you must have a lot of magic experience to defeat the Kobold. Use the Flame Dart spell to fight, then use the zap spell on your knife to kill him. Don't forget to get the Kobold's treasure!

The Baron's Family

I need some information about the Baron and the Curse!
The Baron Stefan von Spielburg is Lord of Spielburg Valley. He angered Baba Yaga when he ordered her to leave Spielburg. She cursed him and he soon lost his daughter, then his son. Now the Baron will not leave his castle or see any visitors. If you rescue his son, you will be permitted to see him.

I need some information about the Baron's daughter.
Baba Yaga put an enchantment on the Baron's daughter. To break the spell, talk to the Dryad. When Elsa was a little girl, a large winged creature flew over the castle wall, grabbed her, and flew off. No one ever saw her again. Although unrecognizable, she is somewhere in the valley. If you are serious about becoming a Hero, find Elsa von Spielburg (there is also a hefty reward offered for her safe return).

What became of Yorick, the Baron's Jester?
Yorick was devoted to the Baron's daughter. After Elsa was kidnapped, he set out to rescue her and swore he would not return until she was safe. No one ever saw him again. Although unrecognizable, he is somewhere in the valley.

What happened to the Baron's son?
Five years ago the Baronet went out for a morning ride. His horse returned without him and had been raked by the claws of some large animal. This too, was part of Baba Yaga's curse. Although unrecognizable, he is somewhere in the valley. If you are serious about becoming a Hero, find the Baronet Barnard von Spielburg (there is also a hefty reward offered for his safe return).

The Healer's Hut

How can I get the Healer's Ring?
If you have magic skills: Cast the FETCH spell to get the nest. If you have climbing skills: Climb the tree to get the nest. If you have throwing skills: Throw some rocks at the nest until it falls out of the tree. Take the ring to the healer and you'll get a special surprise!

What can I do at the Healer's Hut?
The Healer is your friend. She will buy Spell Components from you, help you make the Dispel Potion, sell you the Undead Unguent, and she will make a great Healing Potion for you. She also makes Vigor and Magic Powders.

Where can I find the Healer's Ring?
The Healer's Ring is in the nest in front of her hut.

End Game Puzzle Solutions

OK. How can I defeat Baba Yaga?
Get the Magic Mirror from the Brigand Leader's room. Then, go to Baba Yaga's Hut and use the mirror on her. When she casts a spell at you, her spell will reflect back at her and turn her into a frog!

I want to know how to find the Baron's daughter.
Baba Yaga turned Elsa into the Brigand Leader. Use the Dispell Potion to lift the enchantment.

I want to know how to find the Baron's son.
The Kobold Wizard turned the Baronet into a bear and keeps him chained up in his cave! To lift the enchantment, go to the Kobold's cave. To get in his cave you must defeat the Ogre. Once you get in his cave and defeat him, get the Kobold's key and unlock the chain around the Baronet's leg.

What happened to Yorick?
Yorick is now the Brigand Warlock.

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