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Sim Town

Tips & cheats
screenshot from Sim Town
  • Shift-click with the Investigate tool to get a profile of the people and animals in your SimTown.

  • To keep a fire from spreading, you can contain it within a border of roads or bike paths.

  • To create vast patches of lawn, hold down the Shift key as you drag the Terrain tool diagonally across the tiles. You should see the tiles darken as you drag the cursor.

  • Since vegetable gardens (from the Terrain menu) grow food, planting a lot of them is similar to planting crops in the Natural Resources window. Make use of the garden-planting method if there?s a food shortage but you?re all out of natural resource credits.

Cheat codes

Simply enter the cheat code during game play:

CHEATERCHEATERWIMPWIMPget 42 additional credits
BACONTurns a pig into a balloon.
TOAST Turns a trailer house into a toaster.
USPA87419 Summons the parachute kid. Note: Zoom out to see him.
TEACHER Displays statistics in the advice window.

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