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Tips & hints
x-wing fighter vessel

General advice

  • Charge your shields, at Maximum rate, at the start of every mission; it adds a bit of insurance for your initial enemy encounter.

  • When flying the X-Wing and B-Wing fighters set your Lasers to linked (four/three pulses respectively). You have to be more accurate, as they take time to regenerate, but the added power is well worth it.

  • When flying the A-Wing initially rely on your concussion missiles. You've got plenty compared to the other fighters. The A-Wing is most folk's favorite fighter. It's faster than any other, has more missiles than any (equal to the B-Wing), has strongest shields, and has the best canopy visibility, but it lacks the X-Wing's 4-linked laser pulses (2 max).

  • Avoid head on engagements as the Tie's seem to have longer range lasers, and besides, it's pretty easy to get on their tails. If you must engage head on direct full shield power forward (don't forget to reset to full coverage after the initial pass though!).

  • Take out Tie Bombers and Gunships whenever they appear. The Tie Fighters will bother you, but the bombers / gunships do all the damage to your protected craft (most missions you're protecting someone!). They're much easier to engage than fighters as they are slower though generally more resistant to attack.

  • Once you're close on the tail of a bandit select the "match speed" thrust setting. This way you can concentrate on maneuvering and firing; especially useful for bombers/gunships. As an alternative select 2/3 thrust to prevent overshooting.

  • When flying the Y-Wing use the Ion Cannons. They're harder to aim than the lasers (unable to lead a target and shorter range) but they're more powerful. The Y-Wing has the worst performance envelop of the four fighters but it's rewarding to prevail with such a handicap!

  • If you need to quickly get to an objective, max-transfer your Laser energy to the engines (remember to recharge the lasers as you close to within 3 km of the enemy). This tactic is usually adequate but sometimes you must direct Shield energy to the engines as well to more rapidly close with the enemy, i.e. "rescue" missions.

Tips on Tour of Duty

Tour I Mission 1

The mission is so easy, it doesn't really need a description. Simply go after the freighters, there is no real resistance.

Tour I Mission 2

Since the mission specifically says do not engage, you can divert all of your laser energy to the engines. The A-wing is so fast in this configuration that you can outrun the Tie Fighters. To ID ships, you have to buzz right past them very lose to get a positive ID. Don't worry about the nav beacon, it's not part of the mission requirements.

Tour I Mission 3

The star destroyer does destroy a bunch of stuff, but it does *not* destroy the shuttles that you need to protect to complete the mission.

Basically, the transports near the ends are write-offs, unless you have invulnerability and/or unlimited weapons. But you can still protect the vital shuttles specified in your briefing from the incoming fighters.

Tour I Mission 4

The greatest threat to the Alliance corvette is the TIE bombers. You must intercept them before they fire their proton torpedoes.

During the quiet period at the start of the mission, increase power to your shields. You'll have little opportunity to recharge them later. I also fire link all four laser cannons to take out the TIE bombers. When the corvette jumps in, use the Shift-F5 command to store it as a preset target.

The Imperial frigate will jump in about 10km away from the Alliance convoy. It will launch 3 TIE bombers and 2 TIE fighters, and then enter hyperspace.

Set your shield power to normal and intercept those bombers. You must destroy the bombers quickly. Try to fire a proton torpedo at each bomber. You don't have time for the targeting box to turn red. Just fire as soon as the box turns yellow and hope at least one hits.

After destroying the bombers, return immediately to the convoy. Press F5 to target the corvette. The Imperial frigate will soon jump back on the other side of the convoy and launch more bombers and fighters. It is imperative that you intercept those bombers.

You don't have to destroy the frigate. You only have to hold off the fighters until the corvette and the MEDEVAC shuttles leave by jumping to hyperspace. Even if you do protect the corvette, the mission will be a failure if just one of the MEDEVAC shuttles is destroyed.

This is a difficult mission that requires some luck to complete. If you're successful, Mon Mothma will award you the Kalidor Crescent.

Tour I Mission 8

Another tough one. You've have to find prisoner transports among a large fleet of transports and subsequently protect the 4 transports (the two prisoner transports, and the two rescue parties) from enemy TIE fighters & interceptors.

When you first begin, arm your proton torpedo launcher (single shot only!) and target the nearest prisoner transport (Right side of their "V" formation, second ship from the end). When you get in range, let fly. Then switch to your Ion Cannons. From long range, fire Ion Pulses until the transport is disabled.

Here's the important point tho....DON'T fly close enough to that transport to ID it!!! All you want to do is disable it, for now, because as soon as it's disabled & ID'd as a prisoner transport, the rescue shuttle goes in, and get's blown to Antares.

Now, go after the second prisoner transport. Disable it w/ 1 torpedo hit and some Ion Cannon blasts. ID it. Engage the TIE fighters while the rescue transport goes in.

As soon as the first rescue transport enters hyperspace, cycle through your targeting computer until you see:


Which is your first prisoner transport. Fly close enough to ID it and then defend the second rescue transport from Imperial TIE fighters. When your second rescue transport enters hyperspace, either mop-up the remaining fighters or go home.

The trick to this strategy is to disable the first transport without ID'ing it. This halts it's progress, without calling in the rescue transport, and thereby reduces the problem to defending only one transport at a time.

P.S. (SPOILER) The transports carrying the prisoners are Lambda 4 and Omicron 5.

Tour I Mission 10

Difficult mission. You have to protect & rescue the sullustan leader in his shuttle. Yikes.

Put your shields and lasers to full power and head for the shuttles. If you're lucky, you might catch a TIE or two as they come at you.

Let your wingmen worry abut the TIEs for now. When the shuttles open fire take evasive action until you're among them. Then target the first/nearest and stay on it's tail (adjust speed) and fire at it until it's history. Then reapeat this with the next one (4 in all)

Don't worry if you cant' id them at once (or at all) - the one you are supposed to disable didn't join the fray and is heading straight to the SD. And don't waste your torps, you'll need them.

When only 1 shuttle remains (at 4.??) set engines and (rear) shields to full power and go after it. About this time you'll notice that your wingmen failed to destroy the TIEs - If necessary (your rear deflectors are taking too much hits), stop to blast some of them and continue after the shuttle. When you catch it, disable it.

Head straight at the Star Destroyer for it'll launch interceptors after the rescue shuttle. When you see the interceptors send a proton torpedo at one and try to blast another when they fly by you. Turn immediately at their tail and BLAST them (it's kinda easy when they're heading straight at the rescue shuttle). NONE must escape.

Another wing of interceptors will follow: now you know what to do. The point is to meet the interceptors as far from the rescue operation as possible.

Tour I Mission 12

Save your proton torpedoes and waste all the mines using just your laser cannons. Then, I waited until the shuttle arrived and captured the freighter.

As soon as the additional unfriendlies hyperspaced in, I blasted the two transports with proton torpedoes, then mopped up the shuttles using torpedoes and laser blasts.

Just make sure you're ready to do some evasive maneuvering when those shuttles open up on you. Those suckers can burn through fully overcharged shields in a matter of seconds!

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